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Rio Tinto Stadium TIS / Parking Study

  • The Rio Tinto Stadium currently seats 20,000 people. The venue has been used by the Real Salt Lake and Real Monarchs soccer teams, as well as for high school soccer championship games, rugby championship games, and exhibition high school football games.

  • The expectation was to unload the stadium within an hour. It has the potential to unload between 30 and 45 minutes after the end of games.

  • Hales Engineering utilized a dispersion methodology to unload the stadium efficiently. The remote parking areas were used in a way that allowed those parked closest to the stadium to leave the area before the next wave of people reached their vehicles.

  • The stadium as planned has a clockwise circulation route, designed for efficient bus service from remote parking areas. Unique to this stadium, Sandy is utilizing remote parking areas with 10,000+ parking stalls.